About us

We commit to the success of each associate through an environment where people are trusted, respected, and treated fairly.


We choose to do things in a team spirit based on integrity and professionalism.


We provide high value and high quality in our products, processes and services.

Customer Focus

We give special attention to our Customers and we aim to satisfy them through customized offers.


We challenge conventional wisdom to do things better to create new value for our Customers.

Our Values

Our values orientation plays out in everything from supply chain management to engineering, manufacturing, fulfillment, sales and services.

Our Mission

At LE RACCORDEMENT, the first question we ask is “What do you need?”. We listen and learn about you, and your specific requirements. Then, we match your requirements to the range of fittings we have to offer.

Our History

LE RACCORDEMENT was founded in 2013 by KETATA Ridha, with the promise of, “Make the best product possible to help customers succeed, and keep making it better.” From the beginning, our founder insisted on core values – Quality, Respect for the Individual, Integrity and Customer Focus – and these live on with us today.